Hospitality Development Services, LLC  -
Team Biographies
Walt Schwaiger
Chief Operating Officer
As founder of 4 Hospitality Development Services, LLC, Mr. Schwaiger has worked in the commercial construction industry upon graduating from Colorado State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Management since 1994.  Having worn many different hats for general contractors and developers over this time period, Mr. Schwaiger has developed a passion for and focused on the Hospitality/Resort/F&B/Lifestyle industry within the past several years.  Working for several prominent Hoteliers/Developers, Walt has helped develop, design, construct and open over 1,500 keys worth of projects from Boston to Miami as well as in Ohio and Seattle.  
Mr. Schwaiger’s responsibilities as Chief Operating Officer run the full gamete of administrative duties including, feasibility studies, site selection, project planning and design, preliminary budgeting and scheduling, technical team selection and contract negotiations, all pay request reviews and approvals, change or review and approval/incorporation, RFI and submittal review, monthly reports, interaction with owners/investors/lending institutions/operations/management/etc., project closeout and documentation, etc.  Throughout his career, Walt has demonstrated an ability to form and manage teams that place projects at the forefront of design, functionability and profitability.
Kevin O’Donnell
Senior Vice President, Field Operations
Mr. O’Donnell brings over twenty years of hands-on experience in the construction industry having worked in the field for several years which lead to obtaining a General Contractor’s license in the state of Virginia in 1996.  His meticulous attention to detail, constructability knowledge and passion for the built environment ensures that all projects are completed to detail for the utmost discerning clientele.  Having worked in the hospitality and restaurant industry after serving in the US Navy, Kevin brings an unmatched ability to communicate with all team members that form the backbone of a successful project.
As Senior Vice President of Field Operations, Mr. O’Donnell is responsible for day-to-day interaction with the General Contractor(s) and Owner/ Outside Vendors, site utilization, utility requirements/points of entry/connections, project safety, request for information and submittal review and routing, schedule monitoring, constructability review and issues, permits, punchlist formation and review, project closeout, etc.  Working alongside Mr. Schwaiger, he will ensure that the vision of the owner translates into an award winning project to the benefit of all involved.